USES OF DRONE APPLICATIONS TO MONITOR PRODUCTIVITY

                                              "USES OF DRONE APPLICATIONS TO MONITOR PRODUCTIVITY" by Piero Anticona

                                              Abstract: Drones are Unmannered Aerial Vehicles (UAV) that are having different applications because of the amount of information that they can collect in a short period of time during flight inspections.

                                              It is also, one of the technologies that are rapidly increasing its use in construction, agriculture, maintenance, building design, mining, solar, etc.

                                              Drones are capable nowadays to help to do surveys, calculate volumes, monitor risks prior to and during construction, identify damages in assets, monitor weather, to increase the safety of personnel getting access where humans would have difficulties, improve overall security, monitor progress, etc.

                                              As a project controller, the author wants to analyse if drones, as support of project control activities when monitoring progress, might help to monitor productivity factors.

                                              What are those productivity factors that a drone can help to measure and facilitate project controller’s activities?

                                              This research is important to analyse how this new technology based on drone data can support project control activities to monitor root causes that might affect productivity.

                                              Conclusions show that this new technology can monitor root causes that might affect productivity.

                                              We also have determined that most of the root causes meet the following criteria: They are tangible (through people, equipment, materials) and areas that they occupy can be located when programming drone’s path.

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