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                                              Main project management software features

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                                              Luca Maggio
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                                              Dear Mr./Ms,

                                              I'm an undergraduate student of the Project Management course within the Management Engineering Program of the University of Palermo, and I am currently developing my Master Degree thesis. In this regard, the purpose of my thesis is to find out the importance of the main project management software features for professionals involved in this field. Along with the Professor of the Project Management course of the Department of Industrial Engineering, we developed a questionnaire in which respondents are asked to evaluate some selected functionalities. 

                                              The questionnaire consists of two sections. Please fill in section 1. If you would like to devote more time to the topic, please also fill in section 2, which asks you to re-evaluate some functionalities in an aggregated way through a reduced factorial plan.




                                              Alexandre Antonios
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                                              Hello Luca,

                                              Good initiative, I filled your questionnaire.

                                              Best of luck with your research, it's a complex topic since each organization, each project and each industry requires a different level of abstraction.



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