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                                              I have to determine the Manhoures that will cost a project.
                                              I got a schedule of the employees involved for the acheevement of the project during three mounts (Duration for project acheevement).
                                              So what I did: I calculate the houres that each employee will spent during the three mounts and I got a total of the project Manhoures.
                                              1st- Is it the correct procedure?
                                              2nd- Have I to count the indirect person (People working in the camp, in the administaration...)
                                              3rd- How to count manhoures of material (Crane, pump, post welding, van....)
                                              Any other coments or details will be welcoming


                                              Rafael Davila
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                                              A good stafing plan must be representative of field conditions.

                                              • Hiring is dynamic as well as their release, their timing might be subject to schedule logic instead of fixed with time.
                                              • Very often resources will be idle for some periods and this comes at a cost, this must be considered in your schedule.

                                              Staffing-Plan-and-idle-hours  click image and zoom.

                                              Zoltan Palffy
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                                              the baseline will not change thats the whole point of a baseline

                                              Suhaila Tsu
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                                              Dear Experts

                                              I am making some modification / changes on my manhours (budgeted labor unit) for my current schedule (updated)

                                              Do i have to do 2x modification / changes ; (1) in the updated schedule (2) in the baseline schdule

                                              or i just make change in the updated schedule and the baseline will automaticaly change?


                                              Thank u.

                                              Pardon for the poor explanation

                                              Dayanidhi Dhandapany
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                                              Similar Topic: Man Hours
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                                              Thanks Luca
                                              Luca Basile
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                                              Ok You estimate the hours need to install the 20” pipes as per productivity.
                                              I suppose You have a resource man-hours in Your schedule and You loaded it.
                                              In the same way for the crane You have to add a resource and load it, it could be number of cranes or equipment-hours.
                                              The operator should go in the man-hours. You can not load the crane hours in the man-hours!
                                              Salim Mekki
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                                              Culd you help me?
                                              For exemple if errection standard pipe of 20inches diameter is rated 2Hrs/meterlength for a standard team.
                                              And I got a team making the job for wich I calculate each week the real Houres spent to errect the pipe.
                                              The team use a material as a crane. Have I to count 8Hours work/day for the crane and add it to the manhoures of the team or I take in count only the driver’s houres worked.

                                              Salim Mekki
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                                              Hello All
                                              For the hours budget of material such pump crane...
                                              If for exemple a crane is used 8 Hrs a day for lifting piping for exemple, will I assign 8hrs/day buget hours for it???
                                              Raj Singh
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                                              I prefer to divide the complete manpower into three areas:

                                              Cost Centres / Rentals

                                              The Direct manpower is assigned to the activity and hence the manhours are fixed i.e. they are based on production rates.

                                              The Indirect manpower is time based and can be tabulated separately

                                              The Cost Centres such as labour camps, production units, workshops etc. are supplying a service or a product and hence the manpower assigned therein is monitored separately. This can include the crane or other equipment operators if the rentals are inclusive of the drivers/operators.

                                              The equipment assignment depends on usage. I prefer most of major plant and equipment in the common equipment pool as they work on more than one activity, such as tower cranes etc. The equipment for an activity should be assigned if it is meant solely for that activity.

                                              With this categorization you can satisfy most manpower / manhours queries.

                                              Luca Basile
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                                              Let start with the easy part.
                                              The second point. In Your schedule You will have two summary bars (hammocks or Wbs), one for all the time related items and the other for fix costs (independent from the time) that You will load all Your indirect costs (management, offices, etc )
                                              About the second point I normally use to split in two. I assign the major equipment to the relevant construction activities (cranes, trucks, …) and the minor one (pumps, …) to the summary bar. This really depend a lot from the kind of construction You are doing. May be for You the welding machine is a key/major equipment.
                                              About the first point, the people assigned to the project, are enough to complete it in due time? I mean the construction manager told You that he will employee on site not more of 3 gangs (for example) it is enough? This You should analyse and point out if the case.
                                              All the info You have are also congruent with the bid?
                                              I do not the Your case, but normally a Client will not accept Your baseline if the physical quantities, manpower and equipment hours will differ from the bid.
                                              MK TSE
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                                              my view is both direct and indirect labour costs be taken into consideration.
                                              For plant cost, how about to work it out from it’s life cycle (ie inital purchase + consumable + periodic maintenance; devided by it’s life period)?

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