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                                              Wrong project name in Print preview

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                                              Julia O
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                                              Joined: 26 Sep 2018
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                                              Hi, am trying to print out a project in P6, when i do a print preview, it shows another projects name from the Enterprize , when i go through the project information it has the right name on. How to i change this, i need to present the project to stakeholders


                                              Santosh Bhat
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                                              Joined: 15 Apr 2005
                                              Posts: 261

                                              It'll be in the page setup for that particular layout you are using (note each layout will have different print setup). select FILE>PAGE SETUP, then HEADER/FOOTER where the project name is. Find the section that is displaying the incorrect name, and then click on "MODIFY", you can either delete the project name and type in the correct name, or enter "[project_name]" to automatically get the name from the proejct information.


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