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                                              Showing productivity changes with different Resource Calendars

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                                              Dejan Kezic
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                                              Hi everyone, I am kindly asking for help about following problem.

                                              I need to show lower productivity per several resources in my schedule in winter period. Those resources are commodities.

                                              Other resources (manpower and equipment) as well as activities should be intacted.

                                              So my idea was that I will keep on using original project calendar (7 days x 10 hours) for activities and mapower/equipment resources, and modified calendar (summer months 7 days x 10 hours and winter months 6 days x 6 hours)  for a.m. commodity resources.

                                              Unfortunately it did not show any difference from original schedule and all resources were distributed lineary.

                                              Is there some solution how to get this result?

                                              Thank you!


                                              I should mention that I have changed to different clandar for all activities and it did show changes (higer resources in summer and lower resources in winter), but it does not help me because I don't want to show changes for manpower and equipment (only for commodities).

                                              Also, I know that creating more detailed schedule with activities dedicated to volume of work for winter months will solve problem, but I don't have time and need fast solution.


                                              Rafael Davila
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                                              Please click the following link to download presentation pdf.

                                              Link to Quantities_Workloads_and_Production_Rates.pdf/file

                                              Best Regard,

                                              Rafael Davila

                                              Rafael Davila
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                                              How do you show productivities in P6 in a transparent way? Where do you enter such values? As far as I recal there is no such functionality in P6?

                                              What do you mean by activities dedicated to volume of work for winter?

                                              Activity might be delayed from winter to summer. And what when a portion falls in winter and another portion fall in summer, this make too many possibilities. Using separate activities may not be a good idea.

                                              Best Regards


                                              Raymund de Laza
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                                              Use the REsource Detail: Effectivity and Max Unit per Time

                                              Set the Reduced Max Qty (Max Unit per Time) within the Effective dates.

                                              Rafael Davila
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                                              Zoltan Palffy
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                                              put the resources on a different calendar 





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