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                                              Urgent : Delay Days

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                                              Vrinda M
                                              User offline. Last seen 2 weeks 4 days ago. Offline
                                              Joined: 8 Jun 2008
                                              Posts: 24

                                              Please explain if a project has Cost Variance of 6.93% and Baseline Duration of 486 days how can we calculate the Delay days based on Early % Variance.Can somebody explain

                                              If Planned 16.14%

                                                 Actual    9.21%

                                                Cost Variance - 6.93%


                                              Zoltan Palffy
                                              User offline. Last seen 22 hours 25 min ago. Offline
                                              Joined: 13 Jul 2009
                                              Posts: 2688
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                                              cost is not linear so you really cant use that as an example

                                              sharief sheikh
                                              User offline. Last seen 2 days 1 hour ago. Offline
                                              Joined: 1 Mar 2008
                                              Posts: 11
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                                              100% of cost = 484 days

                                              6.93% of cost variance = 484/100*6.93 = 33 days.

                                              The above correlation may not be correct but just for a rough idea.

                                              Patrick Mullen
                                              User offline. Last seen 6 days 12 hours ago. Offline
                                              Joined: 15 May 2020
                                              Posts: 10
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                                              The cost variance CAN be an indicator that your schedule is ahead/behind, but like Zoltan said, if you have major costs that will be incurred later in the project, then the cost variance won't tell you an accurate story. If the schedule is reporting delays, the cost variance can be a good tool to help validate if the project is truly behind, but you won't be able to accurately determine the amount of delays based on this unless you have something like a linear project with very predictable production/cashflows. 

                                              Zoltan Palffy
                                              User offline. Last seen 22 hours 25 min ago. Offline
                                              Joined: 13 Jul 2009
                                              Posts: 2688
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                                              you can't get days delayed from cost information. There is not alwasy a correlation.

                                              for example I can be ahead on my cost becuse I billed large purchases early in the project but I have not installed anything.

                                              why are you not looking at the total float to determine your days delyed ? 

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