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                                              Cost & Budget Loading

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                                              Brian Walkin
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                                              Edited after more research:

                                              My EPC project includes materials, engineered equipment, subcontracts, constructions equipment, indirect and dirct labor. I would like to try the cost / budget loading and earned value functions of P6. 

                                              It seems that the common way of doing this is by applying one or more cost resources to the activity and adding the units at $1 each. This will spread the cost linearly along the activity duration unless a special recource curve has been selected. Cost accounts can be added to the resources which will help with on going maintenance and coordination with accounting.

                                              It appears that the budget functions at the WBS level are for top down estimating and have no impact on the cost loading by resource. 

                                              OPEN Questions:

                                              The expense tab against the activity I have not resolved. I am assuming it is expenses that are not budgeted not included in the costs added by way of resource. Total costs would include both. Still not sure why or what it would be used for. 

                                              How can I differenciate earned value from cost. Example for some subcontractors we may only pay in stages for completion of thier work yet we will earn value at a different rate. For example - down payment of 30% ( a cost) even though there is no progress and earned value.

                                              Then finally the client cost and invoicing is different to my cost and I would like to know the difference between or the cash position of the project. On this project client pays monthly based on % complete (based on EV). Could I create a monthly invoice milestone and apply those planned and actual invoice amounts as a resource for revenue?

                                              And of course to vizualize this in cost cummulative curves for planned cost/budget, actual cost, earned value, client invoicing



                                              Can I generate these curves in P6.








                                              Zoltan Palffy
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                                              1. some people track non resource cost as expenses and can be categorized as many differen thing are usually project specific such as facilities, travel overhead and training.  This like a resource can be show to occur at the start or end of the activity or spread over the duration of the activity. 

                                              2. you can set up different resource and assing the costs and use a custom curve for distribution of those costs

                                              3. ususally the % complete is your monthly invoice. You can not put dollar on a milestone because a milestones can not have a resource. Revenue should be your invlove. You budgeted amounts should equal your total cost for the project and should include profit and overhead as well. 

                                              4. Yes you can select view show on bottom resource usage profile and selct which curves to show inclusing budgeted and actual. You actual will be your client invoicng. 


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