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                                              Critical path drag and PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Draft release Jan 15th

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                                              Stephen Devaux
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                                              Posting here and in the Spider Project forum:

                                              Over the past four years, the Wikipedia page for "Critical path drag" has received 44,808 pageviews: an average of 11,202 per year, or 31 per day.

                                              Yesterday, it received 138 pageviews, second most ONLY to Nov 9, 2016, the day Asta Powerproject released its first version that computed critical path drag.

                                              So I'm wondering what happened yesterday? Any Powerproject or Spider (the only two out-of-the-box packages that compute drag, as far as I know) users/management have any idea?

                                              Wikipedia's DIPP page (i.e., Devaux's Index of Project Performance) has also seen a steady rise in pageviews since May 24, 2019. Since Nov 17, 2019, it's been averaging 24 pageviews a day. It's extremely gratifying, as I think the DIPP is a hugely important addition to project management theory and the measuring-the-project-as-an-investment approach -- but I have NO idea why this has happened! Anyone have any idea?

                                              Also, I want to mention that PMI is supposed to be making available a draft of the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition on January 15. Since Powerproject and Spider have the advantage of providing this functionality, it might help you and your customers if you persuaded PMI's powers-that-be to include this fundamental CPM metric in the 7th Edition.

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