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                                              Tracking revision changes in BIM model

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                                              Natalia Ignatova
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                                              Hello everyone!

                                              Does anybody knows whether that's possible to track changes in revisions of IFC files integrated to the schedule? For example, I'm getting new revision of 3D model and i want to find out whether any element were added or deleted. Is that possible to check such changes?

                                              Thank you.


                                              Ben Taunt
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                                              Hi Natalia,

                                              Sorry for the slow reply - I was on paternity leave when this message was posted and only just discovered it now.

                                              There's several things you can play with to help with your objective, depending on how you've gone about linking your model to the schedule.  For example, if you link the products to the tasks using IFC Searches, you can baseline your project before bringing in a revision.  The IFCProductCount would have been saved into the baseline based on the initial model, but will change on the live dates when the revised model is brought in.

                                              Alternatively, you can use "unscheduled product mode" to see any item present in the revised model that hadn't previously been linked to a task.  Unlike the above however, this only works if you haven't used IFC Searches and instead used IFC Selections (drag'n'drop) where Powerproject activities are instead linked to specific IFC GUIDs.  New products in the revised model will have different GUIDs that won't already be assosicated to a task, so will be highlighted in the "unscheduled product mode".

                                              Please give our support team a call for more detailed advice!


                                              Ben @ Powerproject 

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