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                                              'Is a project' function in Asta

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                                              Seethal Sajan
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                                              Has anyone used the 'is a project' function in Asta?

                                              Please explain what it is.

                                              Does Asta allow to have a master programme and sub-programmes linked to it so that changes made to master will be reflected on the sub ones?




                                              Ben Taunt
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                                              Hi Susan,

                                              You can structure your file in Powerproject such that you can have various levels of data.  For example, you might group tasks together using the "Summarise" feature to show them under a Summary Bar.  You might then Summarise a number of Summary Bars together to represent a phase of the project.  You could then Summarise these phases again to show a Project level.  You could then group these projects together to represent a Programme.  And finally, group programmes into different Portfolios...

                                              Links can be created between any parts of these activities.

                                              "Is a Project" is simply a flag that is assigned to a Summary or Expanded Task to indicate it's significance.  It is more widely used in the Enterprise version of the software than in the standalone client, but the feature does the same in both versions.  It can be very useful when exporting Powerproject data out into reporting systems, using our BI tools (Business Intelligence data for driving dashboards etc).

                                              You can read much more about this in the Help Files such as here:


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