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                                              Zoom Bar in New Version Asta

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                                              Robert Hughes
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                                              I have recently upgraded to the newer version of Asta with the Ribbon rather than the icons and for the most part I am getting on fine with it - however last week my zoom/scale bar at the bottom right corner of the window has disappeared - does anyone have any idea how to get it back?


                                              Mike Cohen
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                                              I am having this same issue with the disappearance of the status bar.  Can you please tell me how I can turn this feature back on?

                                              Robert Hughes
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                                              Thanks for your reply Mike,

                                              I have continued searching and found that the bar I am looking for is called the 'Status Bar' it displays messages at the bottom of the window on the left hand side and then the toggles for Project View, Bar Chart, Histogram, Line of Balance, Properties and the Zoom Slider on the right hand side. The status bar appears in the 'Toolbar Mode' on my computer but not in 'Ribbon Mode'. However on a colleagues computer the Status Bar does appear in Ribbon Mode.

                                              The status bar was there when i first started using ribbon mode but then dissapeared at some point so I must have unintentionally hidden it.

                                              Mike Testro
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                                              Hi Robert

                                              I kept the Icons on my version.

                                              I was impressed that when I switched over to Icons my display was just as I left it on v 11.

                                              You can still drag the date scale along and back to change the horizontal scale.

                                              Best regards

                                              Mike Testro

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