Portfolio Planner

                                              Portfolio Planner is a software house specialised in developing software which improves portfolio, project and resource management.

                                              Our main product is Portfolio Project, which is a piece of software, which reads project schedules of various formats and combines them into one Gantt. This allows fast decision making on current project data and improve the possibility to deliver projects on time and budget.

                                              The founder of the company, Daniel H?jer, got the idea for the software some years ago, when he lacked features in the tools, he used for planning. As a seasoned executive planner, he managed large projects with several schedules, often made in different software.

                                              On one hand this forced him to use the same software as the planners, and on the other hand, the only way, he and the rest of the project organisation could get an overview of the whole project, was to create a lot of PDFs and manually hold them against each other before presenting status to the project management.

                                              With Portfolio Project he now can read all the schedules and combine them into one Gantt and making reports based on current project data.


                                              Portfolio Project in detail

                                              Portfolio Project is very easy to use. Within minutes you’re up and running. You can try it out yourself by clicking register and download the full free 30-day trial version.


                                              Creating portfolios

                                              It is easy to create portfolios. Just do as you create any other folder in Windows through short cut, right clicking or choosing it in the menu.


                                              Importing schedules

                                              A few clicks and you have linked to your schedules made in any version of MS Project, Primavera or Excel. Thus, getting a live overview of your current data at any time. In principle Portfolio Project is not importing schedules, but links to the original files and databases. Hereby you have the option to view data live.


                                              Linking schedules with UDF

                                              With our patent pending User Defined Fields solution, UDF in short, any activity in one schedule is linked to a corresponding activity within another making your combined schedules working as one.


                                              Sorting and filtering

                                              It’s very easy to filter and sort in Portfolio Project to obtain clarity and focus on exactly those activities relevant for you and your team.


                                              Easy jump to predecessors and successors

                                              Forget about getting your overview from printouts and PDFs from the planners. In Portfolio Project you can see your projects and activities, and you can easily jump to predecessors and successors with a single mouse click finding the critical path through your projects.


                                              Impressive graphical reports

                                              The built-in dashboard gives you the opportunity effortlessly to create reports with pie charts and other diagrams. You can update anytime to make your report show the current status.


                                              Projects on time and budget

                                              Portfolio Project links directly to your time schedules made in your planning software, making it possible for you to take decisions on current data. No more decisions based on weeks old PDFs and hardcopies. With Portfolio Project your chance to deliver your projects on time and budget is enhanced considerably.


                                              Why hesitate?

                                              Why not try Portfolio Project out yourself? Click the register and download button and get the full free 30-day trial version. We are sure Portfolio Project will become one of your favourite project tools. After the 30 days trial you can buy a license, and you just continue your work because all your data stays intact.

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